Tour kayak

Touring kayaks

Touring kayaks are the most sought kayaks besides Sit On Top kayaks.
Of course, the Sit On Top kayak can also be a touring kayak. Touring kayaks are non-competition kayaks designed for recreation and free time, which can be used for longer or shorter trips (they usually have all the functions of securing luggage or waterproof storage), and of course they are well manoeuvrable, easy to sit on, and can be used for many types of water. So the K1 Racekaj or the Portyakaj are not touring kayaks. Their size can range from 2.4 meters to 6 meters. The fastest ones usually start at 4 meters, but there are surprisingly fast recreational kayaks between 3.3 and 3.6 meters.
These kayaks are very easy to transport, with the help of 2 spannifers we can easily transport them to a variety of waters, Lake Balaton, Lake Venice, the Danube, or the Adriatic. We usually only sell maintenance-free, unbreakable, UV-resistant Polyethylene materials made by rotation.