The Prijon Seatron is a redesigned and improved version of the best-known (Prijon Seayak) sea kayak of the German company Prijon. Fast, attractive, easy-to-use, stable, high-buoyancy sea kayak.
The material is HTP in Hungarian, high-density, rigid polyethylene. For many years, Seayak has been the most popular long-range Prijon touring kayak made for big people, designed for long rivers, beaches, and lakes. The Prijon Seatron carries this forward.
What made the Prijon Seatron better than the long-established Prijon Seayak? First of all, it is faster, can be used up to a higher user weight, the packing compartments are a little longer, and the knee support can be adjusted in 3 positions. It became a more graceful kayak.
Which is the same; padded touring seat, adjustable Slide footrest, plastic compartment lids, deck net behind the waist, daily compartment in front of the seat opening.
In addition to the Perception Essence17 with the same capacity, we also heartily recommend this model for larger, more muscular paddlers and the Valley Etain, the king of sea kayaks.
Length 520cm, width 58cm, weight 29kg, seat opening 94cm, capacity 140kg
Recommended weight for rowers: 75-120 kg

Additional information


520 cm


58 cm


29 kg

Max. load:

140 kg


94 cm


390 l