RTM's 10.6 SUP comes with an elegant design, hand grips, non-slip EVA covering on the entire surface, steel D-Rings for seat connection, and a rubberized luggage rack. In addition, fins glued on both sides and a middle removable fin help the SUP to steer well.
This is RTM's standard sky inflatable surfboard with a capacity of 210 liters.
Even a larger person can use it, its buoyancy is 100 kg. I would like to note here that you shouldn't buy paddlefish under 3 meters. They dive too deep, they don't properly hold the weight they promise, and they have bad direction.
Not to mention the two-layer noname pieces.

What distinguishes a quality inflatable SUP from a cheap (100-140,000 HUF?)
The original 1000D density PVC Dropstich material, the quality valve and the 3-layer construction. The production cost of a 2-layer SUP is half that of a 3-layer.
Accessories: installation kit, fin, pump

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